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How long does it take to make one rug?

This really depends on the amount of detail you wanna include.

  • 60x60cm size takes around 1-3 hours.

  • 90x90cm size takes around 3-5 hours.

  • 140x85cm size takes around 4-7 hours (can separate to two days)

**The learning and finishing touches are excluded in the time. It takes around 1 hour. So, take your time to do finishing touches.

What can be made in different size?

Some ideas for you:

  • 60x60cm size : cushion, mirror, small rug, chair cushion, bag, etc. 

  • 90x90cm or 140x85cm size: if you would like to make a rug, I highly recommend using these two sizes.

Package Pricing

  • 5 Hours Package is $260 

  • 10 Hours Package is  $460

*The package you could separate times to do different rugs, but only for one person to use.
*You can decide it when you arrive to our shop.

Do I need to prepare some images?

Please prepare some pictures before you attend to workshop,  we'll guide you how! 

We provide many images for your choice to tuft with. We always welcome you to bring your own designs or images!

It will save a lot of time.

Can two people to do one frame?

Of course! We are welcome your family, friends, partner come to create with you together.

And it is only charge for one person. 

So , maximum two people to share one tufting gun and one frame.

Where is the TUTU studio located?

It's loacted at Commerce Building, take the lift to Level 4, 39 Liverpool St, Sydney. Near Chinatown

What if I cannot complete the rug within one day?

You're more than welcome to come back another time to complete your rug.

Or you could let us to do the finishing touch, it will charge $30 per rug.

Please let us know when you want to book it. This has to be completed within 2 weeks from your first booking.

Something cropped up, can I change my session?

We understand emergencies do happen. Do inform us at least 48 hours before the scheduled session time and we'll allow a one-off reschedule to another date to be made within 4 weeks of the initial session. Such reschedule slots will be subject to availability.

Unfortunately if you change your mind, we do not offer refunds and do wish you'll come & enjoy the class.

To reschedule, please email us at 

No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours are also considered as completed sessions and are non-refundable.

If I would like to book a private event.

Looking to host a Corporate team bonding?  Or are you organizing a birthday party? 

We can do up to 15 people's private party.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll work together to make it happen. We can't promise the stars but we can assure it will be a memorable and fun time for you. Reach us at to get the party started!

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