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How We Work

GOOD QUESTION! Is it related to a tuft of grass? You're not wrong. Tuft (according to the dictionary) refers to a number of short pieces of something, such as grass, hair etc. that grow closely together or held together at the base. Tufting hence is a type of textile weaving in which thread/yarn is inserted into its primary base.

We'll take you on a journey to revisit this traditional craft form now coupled with modern technology to make the process faster with something we call a 'Tufting Gun'.

Thorough instruction will be given covering the basics of how to use a tufting machine, and how to glue and finish the tufted piece.

  • Practice 

After the instruction you can try on our practice frame and get ready. At the meantime we will project the image from your phone to your tufting frame .

  • Drawing

Draw the outline of your image.

  • Tufting

After the drawing you can start Tufting. And don't be nervous, we are here to help. We only charge the time of drawing and tufting (70/hr). 
60x60 frame takes 1-3 hours
90x90 frame takes 3-5 hours
140x85 frame takes  3-6 hours
Final Finish
Put the glue on and cut the rug out.

The final icing of the cake is the backing fabric is as important as the tufting

What's Tufting: About Us
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