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Tufting Workshop

Have you ever heard of tufting?

It's an exciting artisanal technique that allows you to create thick and cozy rugs, using a tufting gun to thread the wool through a stretched fabric.

Firstly, choose a frame size from 40x40cm, 60x60cm, 90x90cm or 140x85cm.

Secondly, prepare an image what you would like to tufting. Then you will use projector to transfer your design/drawing onto the primary fabric.

Thirdly, free selection from more than 50 colours of yarn.

Then, slow make your rug and see your design come to live; tuft by tuft.

Finally, learn to do up the finishing touches of the rug.

​40x40cm frame takes 2-3 hours

60x60cm frame takes 4-5 hours
90x90cm frame takes 5-6 hours
140x85cm frame takes  6-8 hours (You can finish in 2 days)

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